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Upcoming Small Groups this Fall

Grief Share: Led by Deb Fenton. Monday Evenings

For those grieving after the loss of a loved one.

The Greatest Stories from the Old Testament

Led by Pastor Dave. Thursdays at 6:30pm

Prayer Group  Led by Pastor Dave.

Thursdays 7:30pm-8pm

Back to Basics Led by Pastor Dave (Day TBD)

For those new to the church or new to a group.

Bringing snacks will be a requirement for this group

Women’s Group Led by Kathleen Zastrow

Saturdays at 9am

Listening Hearts Led by Joellen Smith

For those experiencing depression & anxiety

3rd Wednesday of the month. 7pm Dansville

Bible Study: Led by Hugh Stevenson

Every other Sunday 8:15am Sparta Center


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Sweatshirt and T-shirt Orders




Zion House





Sweatshirts and T-Shirts

Hooded / traditional sweatshirts along with T-shirts are being sold as a  fund raiser for the campers. All will have the church logo on the front and the back. Prices are as follows: Hooded sweatshirts: $25.00, Traditional sweatshirts $20.00, and T-shirts $15.00. They will be available in either black and red.  PLEASE let’s support our youth with their church activities.

Local Community News

In 2010 the Zion House, located in Avon, opened as only the second transitional home for homeless female veterans in the country. They serve as many as 80 homeless female veterans, and are a mission of the Zion Episcopal Church in Avon who have been providing a safe and supporting environment for the women who have served our nation. These women are from all over the country, and unfortunately have trauma and hardships related to war time. Through help and support from the staff and volunteers, the women receive care, housing and supportive services, along with integrating them back into society. Right now, through donations, grants and prayer the church is in hopes of purchasing the iconic Avon Inn so these women have a place to go.

Not long ago, the women started developing products that are all natural and best of all, 100% of all proceeds go directly back to support the veterans in the program.  Lotions, sunscreen, soap and many other items are available at www.zionhouseavon.com or by calling 1-585-478-3525. Please, let’s support our troops and contribute to a fantastic and much needed cause.

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